Facing the wall,

On the edge of tears,

Only her shoulders speak.

Her right foot times the tension

Of the moment

In strained silence.

Across the way,

A friend, an adversary

Sits in shamed symmetry.

Her chin takes refuge 

In her hand-

A hand that can’t contain the anger, the embarrassment, the fear.

A hand that hides the mouth that spoke too freely,

But now says nothing.

Resolution was published by the online magazine, “Apollo’s Lyre” in its March 2011 edition and can be found archived at:


2 Responses to “Resolution”

  1. Reblogged this on dudesmoot and commented:
    Man, I feel this way all the time. Like the whole world is on pause and the time is moving so slowly in that moment someone finds out something you said about them. It’s so deep and dark. The secret makes you want to throw up. But you finally tell your friend what you did, and suddenly there is nothing left to say and nowhere to go. And we both sat in shame of that day. In shame of what we did. But man, what a relief to finally get that out!

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